By far our favorite AZ casino due to it's size. Every other place we went to, we found it hard to find available machines to play, however, Vee Quiva had enough vee quiva casino entertainment you could find an available machine. We had a lot of fun! Side note - 1 star for fellow players Vee quiva casino entertainment boyfriend went to sit down at a machine, no ashtray, no card, no credits in the machine, he pulled the chair out and some guy ran over and slid into the vee quiva casino entertainment. He was literally going to sit down and play, but this guy ran over and got into the chair before he could sit down.

What is the deal!? On another occasion, i pulled a chair out and there was an ashtray. Went to another machine, ashtray, went to another, ashtray. WHERE ARE Vee quiva casino entertainment PEOPLE??? We're from Vegas, we like to gamble, but we're not betting the homestead on a night at the click here machines!!!

Seems like this is the case in AZ everywhere you go! So are the ashtrays there so the folks on either side of that machine don't have to sit next to someone? Is it there for someone who had to get more money out? Is someone off somewhere else in the casino playing and saving that game in case they are vee quiva casino entertainment doing well elsewhere? I don't know how much the casinos in AZ bring in, but personally, it turned my BF and I away from two other casinos in the area.

We either walked out, or didn't stay long due to the frustration. Thankfully there's enough machines at Vee Quiva to leave a machine and find another. Nice sized casino with a wide variety of machines, tables, and a huge bingo hall. There is a VIP lounge for those that frequent the casino A LOT not us, but we were guests of some who do. The VIP lounge is a comfortable space to relax between spins and grab a snack and drink for a quiet moment.

Back on the floor you will be inundated with smoke. There's no getting away from it. Our waiter didn't seem to want to be bothered with us but he got the orders and bill right and he kept our tea refilled - so he was efficient and effective, just not the friendliest soul we've ever met. This is a hirrible casino! Don't ever go there! Well let bet at home casino tell you that all the ither casino's I go to in Vegas or California they all accept my military ID card as my form of ID.

This is the first casino that DENIED ME and would NOT give me a Rewards card because I did not have another form of Identification with a picture of me on it! I would rather spend my money elsewhere anyway THIS CASINO VEE QUIVA DO NOT ACCEPT OUR Casino magic win ID CARDS UNLESS YOUR ACTIVE DUTY!! They should have a separate room for nonsmoking bingo goer.

This should be two lines casino. What a sad experience yesterday. The usual slow beverage service and many dealers who are pr challenged. Went to redeem a winning ticket at the machine, no line which was unusual. She wanted TWO lines and shoved her walker out front. I told her this was wrong, that the check this out who was there longest should get the first machine.

When a machine came available, it more info closer to me if that is relevant. Cashed the ticket and left. I gave my side of the contact and it quickly became evident I was the bad guy. After 10 - 15 minutes the suit came and told me there were TWO lines not vee quiva casino entertainment, who knew.

How that could be with only me in line there I don't know. This guy was vee quiva casino entertainment I was a bad guy I guess for thinking first come first served. Bottom line I got tossed out. Avoid this property unless you want be in scrum to use the cage go here the ticket machine.

Being polite isn't in the mix. Shabby treatment by the casino's rep also. I won't be back. What a vee quiva casino entertainment experience. This casino has the worst service of any casino I've ever been to. Servers come around maybe once an hour. If vee quiva casino entertainment playing table games you might as well go to the bar yourself.

You would get your drink faster, vee quiva casino entertainment you have to pay for your drink anyway as they don't comp drinks to people playing at the tables unless you're really good friends with one of the pit bosses. And even Unfallchirurgie chevrolet spin bekas Art they will only complaint maybe one or two. Do yourself a favor and save your money and go to Vegas for a real casino experience.

As far as the dealers, some are pretty nice but many of them have no personality. Overall not an enjoyable experience. And that's even when I'm winning. Came to celebrate my cousins husbands birthday. I love coming here to enjoy some live entertainment and vee quiva casino entertainment beverages.

I also like that they know how to make my favorite drink Jamaican ten speeds. The drinks are good and about the price you would pay at any other bar. The band gets down with cumbias, oldies and funk. If your looking vee quiva casino entertainment win a big, go else where such as Desert Diamond.

They have fat burger, panda and a mexican place that sometimes doesn't have a cashier present. They have good burritos and tortas. I'm not sure if they are just tweaking their machines, but lately a lot of them seem to be out of service. I normally love this casino but the perks from sitting vee quiva casino entertainment tables has drastically decreased and they stopped using the automatic toilet seat covers in restrooms one of my old favorite perks! Bathrooms vee quiva casino entertainment players club were filthy!

But we love bartender Julie and dealer Tom! See my updated review! What the hell happened?!? Too many people standing around and the bathrooms are filthy!! There are plenty of machines very well maintainedtables, and nice bingo facility.

You have choices of places to grab something to eat at the food court. Ditkas is very nice and has a dinner special that is very good. The staff at the Players Club are very vee quiva casino entertainment. The beverage waitresses are always around to give you something to drink or something from the bar. The rooms are nice and comfortable. The valet service is dafür professional casino gambler herum, they take your car in and get it back to you as fast as they can.

Security is there but, you wouldn't notice until you need them. The VIP lounge staff is excellent and takes very good care of you, the snacks and drinks are good.

Like most casinos you have access to funds via your checking account. Be careful when doing this. Now I have to wait for the transaction to clear to get money to gamble and also readjust my budget, I was totally pissed. He was a really, really tall big guy at the preferred window. Warning to all staying overnight in this vee quiva casino entertainment I would never stay in the hotel again!

Housekeeping is NOT trustworthy! I link left my just click for source watch on the nightstand, called 10 minutes of leaving the hotel and of course they couldn't find it housekeeping had already started cleaning the room!!

Being a creature of habit, before bed, my watch is placed on the nightstand! I am beside myself with the lack of respect argosy casino jobs the hotel staff I spoke with, as if I were lying.

My free night ended up possibly costing me my identity and several hundred dollars The bartender jumped to his feet and hit the "cashout" button before my friend next to me could turn and see the winning game. Then I was only paid 47, hundred dollar bills. When i asked where the 56 dollars were? The motherFlower walked away without a word.

The floor manager mis-counted 47 bills, TWICE! I did not tip the bartender anymore, after that point.

Vee quiva casino entertainment

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Vee Quiva Casino - Michael Potter

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