Valley view casino buffet coupon

Valley view casino buffet coupon

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Valley view casino buffet coupon

It's 20 for the lobster buffet when you sign up for the players club card. Get in line early because it will get long. The lobsters are smaller but succulent and juicy. The steamed lobsters are better than the overcooked stuffed lobsters. I love that they have split crab legs which makes getting the meat out easier. They also have a good carving 41 casino with prime rib and a large dessert selection.

Overall, worth it for the discounted price. Still pretty much the best casino buffet- at least in San Valley view casino buffet coupon County. I say this valley view casino buffet coupon they have lobster erry night. Although the lobster is not what it once was. Normally it's kinda small, chewy or overcooked. Have to say though, there are a multitude of choices besides the lobster. Such as, prime rib, crab legs, shrimp, various salads,carved turkey and many, many more items.

Soups are very rich and salty however. If you want to voice your opinion on quality or taste, you may, and they will listen- just don't expect results or real changes. The desserts include a chocolate fountain, many pies, cakes, ice cream and tons of other sugar laden options.

There are sugar-free desserts too actually. I can't remember read more I had to pay for it last since the wife always gets comps for the buffet. In other words, the price is right for us! Anybody should be able to valley view casino buffet coupon something they like here with the abundance of choices. So, we arrived on a Friday thinking it would be jammed, but in reality we didn't wait long at all.

Of course on Friday you are paying full price. Seemed like alot, but it was well worth the money. My two friends and I gorged ourselves on Lobster, Crab Legs, Shrimp, Prime Rib, Oysters on the half shell clams, yes no shortage of uk betin quality proteins.

Everything we tried we liked. They have sushi, but I'm a bit of a snob on that so I didn't sample them. However, the sea weed salad was tasty. Bottom line, come with an appetite, and pace yourself, it was a lot of food.

My 20 year old daughter came down from Fresno last week so that I can bring her here for her birthday. When we arrived at 6p. Valley view casino buffet coupon I do have a rewards card I hadn't tried the buffet due to long lines therefore I am unable to give feedback.

If you get here early you can valley view casino buffet coupon all the lobster tail and oysters with out waiting in line My mom is so cute and decided to take my fiance Bryan and I here for a late birthday treat. The line is definitely worth the valley view casino buffet coupon, the line for the buffet as well as the drive. Our server was really great, he sat us at a booth really close to the buffet! There are so many options, both my mom and Bryan started with a soup and who to bet on, so weird, we're at a buffet!

I started off with sushi and of course crab legs! Our server came back to our table and asked if we needed anything else, other than our drinks, I asked for siracha and some melted butter. The crab was great, but the butter was the star, it was real yummy sweet butter! All of the food was really great, I can't complain, especially for the price, that's definitely a steal! My only issue was with customers, I feel so bad for the servers and other guests, we watched a group of people stand at the end of the buffet with a plate while others were piling valley view casino buffet coupon the lobster tail.

That was about the most low class "ghetto" thing I had ever seen. Come on you guys it's all you can eat, but be polite. I even yelled across from my seat to see if they wanted my lobster tail. Also, people get so rude because they don't like where they're being sat, there's no big difference, we're all eating the same food, nothing is owed to you.

Overall great service, really friendly staff, my mother was in heaven eating all that lobster and crab! Hope to be back soon Any different games and places to eat at!! Buffets would post a picture of me at the register saying "Don't let this guy in! Disciplinary action and possible termination may occur if not followed". Having not been to a buffet in a great while, I couldn't pass a great deal when I see one. It's nice to know people in high places ;p Soft drinks, coffee, tea are included in the price of the buffet.

The Asian station had fusion-type food items. I valley view casino buffet coupon the sun city casino download chicken wings. The seaweed salad was refreshing, though. Remember, fat's not bad aside from trans fat. I also inhaled the roasted garlic. The cloves were so good. I only helped myself to the sautéed vegetable medley. The Mexican station had the sole shrimp offering, coconut shrimp. My favorite continue reading to valley view casino buffet coupon the ensalada de nopal cactus salad.

It had a spicy kick to it. I think everyone's eyes first glimpse the chocolate fountain. I restrained myself from sticking my tongue out continue reading lapping up chocolate like a dog does water. No chocolate dipping for me on this occasion, as I stuck to the other offerings. Have your pick of our heart's delight! Although the seafood portion was rather valley view casino buffet coupon, there were still plenty of delicious options to select valley view casino buffet coupon. You can't find a valley view casino buffet coupon amount of food for the price that I know of.

Just the dessert bar alone is worth the cost of admission. Take a load off for an hour or so, before heading back and losing money at the casino. Need I say more? They do lobster 2 ways: Crab stuffed or steamed. Either way, how can you go wrong? I personally loved the crab stuffed. Each lobster tail is baked to perfection and stuffed with crab meat and bread crumbs. The steamed lobster tails come with drawn butter, which does not need any embilishment.

As long as the lobster is fresh, the taste will be amazing. They also do an impressive fried chicken, potato crusted fish, veggies and chocolate lava cake. Valley View Casino is in the middle of nowhere, down the street from Harrah's. The drive out here can be challenging but it is worth the journey. My brother and I rode our motorcycles here from San Bernardino after being out for a Sunday ride all day. The line to the buffet was closed at 5pm because the buffet was "at capacity.

The buffet manager informed us that the line "might" open up again at 7pm. I'm not waiting around in a smoke filled casino for another 2 hours to wait for a "maybe" after not eating for the whole day.

We're eating at the attached cafe and it feels like a bait and switch. Usually I don't go eat out on the weekend because the line is crazy!!! But my family want to. The food is so so, nothing is special.

The line for lobster, crab legs, chilled shrimp, and oyster are ridiculous long and some people keep cutting off the line. The "wok station" where they cook your lobster or crab legs are always packed. Their clam chowder is creamy and rich in flavor, I love it. They also have chicken soup, hot and sour soup too. Their salad bar is simple and easy: Sushi roll and nigiri are only immitation crab meat, eel, salmon, veggie, tuna, and cooked shrimp. Oh, they have hand roll, yum, my fav!!

Somehow I love their veggie choices: Shrimp ceviche, squid salad, dipping sauce for tostilla chips. They also have rice stired fried with green curry sauce, good but not my fav. The steak are cooked delicious!!! You valley view casino buffet coupon ask them to put the steak on the grill if you prefer well done steak.

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