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How I Became a Professional Sports Bettor by The Crazy Snake of Predictem. The life of a sports bettor is often painted as the life of Riley; a life of have in a world of 'have nots'. In images seen on TV shows and in movies they are often Gucci suit sporting, diamond ring wearing Krampfadern casino costa brava hatte who look professional sports betting the million bucks they have made from their latest strike on the poor unsuspecting bookie.

If you ever thought you would like to live that life then perhaps a more factual perspective could be useful. It goes something like this I never had a chance. My grandfather on my mother's side was an professional sports betting horse follower. He was also a gifted poker player. My father's dad was also a horse player. He always played the lotteries and loved bingo and other games of pure chance.

I can remember him from the time I was small, sitting on a Friday for 4 and 5 hours studying the horse form and meticulously writing out his bets for the following day. He was a perfectionist that made most perfectionists look slap happy. It was sometimes almost painful to watch, but inherently fascinating at the same time.

My father also loved the horses but we were poor and he could only invest in very small amounts. I knew it was significant because my father went dancing around the room like a madman. It was significant because even at the age of 8 I knew that 50 times anything was a big number, so I enquired as to the amount of his bet. He told me he professional sports betting bet 2 English pence and had won himself a WHOLE professional sports betting Wow, I knew my Christmas present was going to be good that year.

THAT YOU CAN BET ON GAMES USING A CREDIT CARD? CLICK HERE AND BE GAMBLING WITHIN MINUTES! By the age of 11 I professional sports betting my first racetrack. Sandown races in the suburbs of Melbourne, Australia was the venue.

It was a real family affair. My uncle and his family lived a stone's throw from the track, and since we were new in town we were invited to attend the local race meeting. My aunt professional sports betting given me 50 cents and by race 2 it was burning a hole in my pocket. Can I bet it, please? He looked at me for a few moments professional sports betting then uttered the words that sealed my fate forever. I like Alato to show! That race was a wipe out for most members of my family but late in running see more horse stormed down the outside of the track to snatch second place from the clouds.

On the day of my 18th birthday I did what many male 18 year olds do with the coming of age. Professional sports betting went to a bar near the university I was attending and ordered an alcoholic drink. Across from that bar was an off track betting agency.

I staggered my way across the street and scanned the boards for something to bet on. Coincidentally, I don't remember the horse I bet on that day. I must have killed those brain cells with alcohol before I left to go home because I can scarcely remember much more than the scant details of a loss that left me struggling for train fare. In the early days I used to save the money my mother gave me for train fare and jump the trains so I could bet.

It was pretty easy. The stations were largely unattended after the train pulled out from the station and I only had to wait and pretend I was waiting for a train until the guard left and I could exit without being spotted.

This went on for several years and I blew through several thousand dollars without ever keeping track or ever counting the cost. I would win occasionally and that was enough for me to boast to my friends about how much I had won and how good I really was.

I never faced the truth in those years. It suited me not to. Somehow, through years of negligence of my school work in favor of horses, I managed to attain a degree as a chemist. Not the drug store kind. The other industrial kind. By this stage I was out of home and rent was a consistent problem because I would routinely blow through my money professional sports betting the first week of the pay month.

A pattern was emerging and I knew what was on the table. I had to do something. I was forced to take a loan to pay off some debts I had accumulated, but it wasn't too bad and thankfully I never had a compulsion professional sports betting much beyond what I could realistically afford. Surely, I could find a way to beat this stupid game! I went searching for information and found a magazine called Practical Punting Monthly. I immediately subscribed, I bought professional sports betting advertised system they had, I bought their annual and I subscribed to their phone service.

I bought the works! I know this because I got honest with myself and started keeping records. I learned a great deal during that period. Not only did I learn some things that worked but I also professional sports betting a great many things that didn't work. I got introduced to the concept of staking and money management and my losses started to abate, although I was still a long way professional sports betting making regular profits. I owe much of that learning to PPM and I subscribed to that publication for many years.

I began developing selection systems based on past results, but every time I thought I had found something really good it went bad after a while and I was back to square one.

Professional sports betting the while I was still losing, but now my losses were staked and far more controlled. I got my first home computer and discovered the wonderful benefits of Microsoft Excel. Article source I could create tables and calculations and all kinds of wonderful things to assist my losses. Across several years I began to learn how to create interesting and useful tools, and with the advent geant albi drive casino explosion of online information it became easier and easier to access information pertaining to horse racing and all kinds of sports.

Around time I began writing game previews for Aussie Rules professional sports betting and in preparing those previews I would research statistical information prior to my submission. I found ways to directly import those statistics from the web into an Excel spreadsheet and my first database was born. I began applying the same principles to other sports such as NFL, professional sports betting and basketball, and before you know it I had several databases to upkeep and update ever single week.

I found several sports handicapping publications and started buying them. The one that made the most difference was The Unemotional Football Bettor by Scott Kellen, and I still use concepts I learned within that book today.

Today, I am a profitable sports bettor and have been for several years. I do not have another job. If I don't make it, people don't eat. I work hours every week, 7 days, updating information and professional sports betting, researching different facets of sports on which I may wish to invest and hunting around for the best value I can find among the sportsbooks with which I hold accounts.

I sleep hours per day and the rest of the time I squeeze in time to be a human being. Let me dispel the romance for you right here and right now. Sports betting is not for everybody and it's not a hidden online wms slots of gold. Like any worthwhile endeavor it takes time, effort and discipline and to this point Professional sports betting have not been fortunate enough to find any such thing as an easy answer.

My goal going forward is to become more automated and more efficient. I have long since given up on the idea that Professional sports betting will discover the one idea that nobody has thought of. In the days of Pittsburgh Phil the bookies used to say of him "We take the money in from the rank and file in small professional sports betting and Phil takes it out in professional sports betting lump".

In that regard, I would like to be like Phil, but like Phil I know that is takes professional sports betting great deal more than just luck. Intertops - One of the biggest bookies on the web! In business since the 80's, you win here, you get paid! See site for current bonus promotions! Bovada - Bet sports, play click to see more, wager on ponies and gamble in their casino all from the same account.

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Line Shopping - You price compare at the store? Why not for odds? Increase Your Odds of Winning - Improve source odds of figuring out who will beat the spread by employing a few simple steps!

How Much You Should Bet on Games - You can never receive enough lessons about bankroll management! Tips to Winning - Tracking, lack of discipline, playing too many games, chasing losses and not properly handicapping a game are casino ilman talletusta 2016 a few mistakes that novice bettors make. How I Became a Professional Sports Bettor - Professional sports betting Crazy Snake talks about how he was born into gambling.

Gambling Quotes - Some of the more popular sayings you'll hear. Home About Us Privacy Contact. While some forms of online gambling can be considered skill games in which the house professional sports betting doesn't exist, there is always risk involved when placing professional sports betting of any kind. We highly recommend that you keep your behaviour under control as problem gambling is a real issue that you want no part of. Furthermore, before gambling, you should check with your local, state and federal government to insure that partaking in such activity is legal within your jurisdiction.

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Most sports bettors start because they're fans and want to make the professional sports betting more interesting by placing money on the outcome. If they start winning a few professional sports betting, they often start thinking about betting on sports for a living. It's hard to learn everything you need to know about betting on sports on your own. One of the best ways to learn more about becoming a winning sports bettor is by doing things professional sports bettors do.

If you want professional sports betting learn, find the people who know more than you do and pick their brain.

Here's a shortcut to get you started. I've put together a list of 10 betting techniques and tactics that I've learned from better sports bettors:. When evaluating football games, everyone focuses on skill position players like the quarterback, running back, and wide receivers. What winning sports bettors understand is the team with the best offensive and defensive lines tend to control who wins the game.

Defensive lines directly continue reading the opposing team's yards per carry and yards per pass attempt as well as sacks and quarterback pressures and hurries. Offensive lines make or break quarterbacks and running backs.

The best running back in the world can be completely negated by a poor offensive line. A great quarterback who doesn't have time to throw is no better than a poor quarterback. Start studying and tracking the performance of offensive and defensive lines and you'll start winning more games. Sportsbooks work with a limited number of resources. As a result, they have to concentrate on the areas where they can make the most money. More money is placed on pro sports than college sports. As a result, you can find weaker lines by betting on NCAA games than pro games.

This professional sports betting especially true during football season and the regular basketball season. The NCAA basketball tournament is wildly popular and heavily bet. As a result, this advice may not be true on tournament games. Most NFL lines are as tight as the sportsbooks can make them. The books do whatever they need to set good NFL lines, because bad lines can cost millions of dollars. The biggest college football match ups are also usually pretty tight.

When you move to the mid-sized conferences and smaller, professional sports betting can find weak lines on a week in and week out basis. You can use the same advice for regular season college basketball. Most books won't professional sports betting any time setting lines for a Mid American Conference or similar size conference match up—they won't see any serious action on the game.

Home field advantage is one professional sports betting the areas where it can be tricky to convert your knowledge into profit. Everyone, including the sportsbooks, knows that home teams win more often than visiting teams. The area where you can find value because of this is when the sportsbook builds too much of a home field advantage into their lines.

In order to start taking advantage of this, learn more here need to become a true student of whatever game you bet.

There isn't a simple system to see when the books make mistakes. The more you study teams and players and understand how the books set their lines, the more you will start seeing opportunities. Teams that travel from de www onlinecasino to coast or other long distances don't play as well professional sports betting they normally do. Winning sports bettors—and gamblers in general—look for places where they have positive expected value.

They work to put their money on the line in these situations over and over. Professional sports betting understand they won't professional sports betting every time.

But if they have a certain chance of winning in the professional sports betting run, that percentage will play out. In a regular ring professional sports betting, the poker player is going to get all in with pocket aces before the flop every time he has the opportunity—in the long run he will make money.

Take this a step further. Sports bettors constantly seek the exact same situations. In poker, it's easier to determine percentages. But the more times a sports bettor can place a bet with an expected positive value, the more money professional sports betting will win. This is the most valuable advice on the page. It's the advice most professional sports bettors can tell people—because they learn more here have to worry about most people professional sports betting that advice.

Most betting systems are worthless. I don't know how many roulette or craps systems I've seen advertised over the years that were nothing short of scams. You can't find a system to beat a game with a fixed house edge. Many professional sports bettors have systems they've developed over the years that help them find games where they can place wagers with an edge. They find trends and start tracking them until they prove the trends are real.

Once they have real trends, they figure out how they can be easily found and exploited. Most current analysis is professional sports betting with the help of computers and spreadsheet programs, but you can often do the same things on paper. The systems that work aren't professional sports betting in books or online. For the same reason you wouldn't share your winning systems, the pros with working systems use them to make money and protect them at all costs.

To advance to the next level of sports betting, you need to start developing and testing your own systems. Building systems is filled with failure. So don't get discouraged easily. Even if you test systems that fail to find one that works you will profit from it in the long run. I read this recently from a marketing guru. But my friend reminded me it was also a quote from Yoda in Star Wars.

If you're going to be a winning sports bettor, you don't "try" to become one. You do whatever it takes. You work however hard it takes to start winning. Vig is the fee you pay the sportsbook to place bets. You only lose your vig on the bets you lose. If you place a million dollars a year in sports bets and win Your first job building a profitable sports betting career is learning how to win as professional sports betting bets as possible, but finding places to place bets at a reduced vig is a close second.

Use the techniques listed above to shorten your path to profitable sports betting. You can't always use shortcuts. But the ones here will help you no matter how much sports betting experience you have.

I've put together a list of 10 betting techniques and tactics that I've learned from better sports bettors: This advice works equally well for both NFL and NCAA games.

But even so, they aren't as good as most NFL lines. They also build this into the betting lines. Does this seem like common sense? You'll find opportunities to place profitable bets. Here's an an example from poker: Even if he loses this time and the next three times, in the long run he will make money.

But it really doesn't matter how many games they win. The only thing that matters is how much money they win. Would you rather win the three spread games and lose the money line bet?

Or would you rather win the professional sports betting line bet and lose dk bonuskode 2015 casino three spread bets? Most people are lazy. But if you want to beat the sportsbooks, working hard is your only choice.

But you can develop systems to help you beat the sportsbook. With most things in life, there professional sports betting no try. You either do professional sports betting don't. The example I read was you either ate the sandwich or you didn't.

You didn't try to eat it. Or you give up now. It's not easy to beat the sportsbooks. But it can be done. People figure out winning systems and find new trends they can exploit every day. Are you willing to do what it takes to beat professional sports betting sportsbooks? Or are you fooling yourself? But it's the difference between what you have to risk and what you stand to win. When you lose, the sportsbook keeps your entire wager—including the vig.

But when you win you get back your original bet—including the vig. Here's how they try to do it:

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