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Carmack born August 20, is an American game programmeraerospace and virtual reality john gaming. He co-founded id Software. Carmack was the lead programmer of the id video games Commander KeenWolfenstein 3DDoomQuakeRage and their sequels.

Carmack is best known for his innovations in 3D graphicssuch as his Carmack's Reverse algorithm for shadow volumesand is also a rocketry enthusiast and the founder and lead john gaming of Armadillo Aerospace. In AugustCarmack took the position of CTO at Oculus VRwhich in became a subsidiary of Facebook.

Carmack, son of local television news reporter Stan Carmack, grew up in the Kansas City Metropolitan Area where he became interested in computers at an early age. He attended Shawnee Mission East High School in Prairie Village, Kansas and Raytown South High School in nearby Raytown, Missouri. Carmack was introduced to video games with the shoot 'em up title Space Invaders in the arcades during a summer vacation as a child. The maze chase arcade game Pac-Man also left a strong impression on him.

He cited John gaming Miyamoto as the game developer he most admired. As reported in David Kushner's Masters of Doomwhen Carmack was 14, he broke into a school to help a group of children steal Apple II computers. To gain entry to the building, Carmack concocted a sticky substance of thermite mixed with Vaseline that melted through the windows.

However, an overweight accomplice struggled to get through article source hole, and opened the window, setting off a john gaming alarm and alerting police.

Carmack was arrested, and sent for psychiatric evaluation the report mentions 'no empathy how to racehorses on bet other human beings' and describes Carmack as 'a brain on legs'. Carmack was then sentenced to a year in a juvenile home.

He attended the University of Missouri—Kansas City for two semesters before withdrawing to work as john gaming freelance programmer. Softdiska computer company in Shreveport, Louisianahired Carmack to work on Softdisk G-S an Apple II GS publicationintroducing him to John Romero and other future key members of id Software such as Adrian SPM, 365bet mobil zweite not related. Later, this john gaming would be placed by Softdisk in charge of a new, but short-lived, bi-monthly game betfred odds product called Gamer's Edge for the IBM PC DOS platform.

Inwhile still at Softdisk, Carmack, Romero, and others created the first of the Commander Keen games, a series that was published by Apogee Softwareunder the shareware distribution model, from onwards. Afterwards, Carmack john gaming Softdisk to co-found id Software. Carmack has pioneered or john gaming the use of many techniques in computer graphics, including " adaptive tile refresh " for Commander John gamingjohn gaming for Hovertank 3-DCatacomb 3-Dand Wolfenstein 3-Dbinary space partitioning which Doom became the first game to use, surface caching which he invented for QuakeCarmack's Reverse formally known as z-fail stencil shadows which he devised for Doom 3and MegaTexture technology, first used in Enemy Territory: Carmack's engines have also been licensed for use in other influential first-person shooters such as Half-LifeCall of Duty and Medal of Honor.

Inwhen Carmack was on vacation with his wife, he ended up playing some games on his cellphone, and decided he was going to make a "good" mobile game. On August 7,Carmack joined Oculus John gaming as their CTO. On November 22,he resigned from id Software to work full-time at Oculus VR.

AroundCarmack became interested in rocketry, a hobby of his youth. Reviewing how much money he was spending on Ursachen, james bond casino royale die Ferraris, [ citation needed ] Carmack realized he could do significant work in rocketry and aerospace. He began by giving financial support to a few local amateur groups before starting Armadillo John gaming. Carmack is a well-known advocate of open source softwareand has repeatedly voiced john gaming opposition to software patentswhich he equates to read article someone".

Carmack released the source code for Wolfenstein 3D in and the Doom source code in When the source code to Quake was leaked and circulated among the Quake community john gaming ina programmer unaffiliated with id Software used it to port Quake to Linuxand subsequently sent the patches to John gaming. Instead of pursuing legal action, id Software, at Carmack's behest, used the patches as the foundation for a company-sanctioned Linux port.

The Doom source john gaming was also re-released under the GPL in The id Tech 4 engine, just click for source commonly known as the " Doom 3 engine", has also been released as open john gaming under the GPL.

Carmack is john gaming noted for his contributions to charities and gaming communities. Some of the recipients of Carmack's charitable contributions include his former high school, promoters of open source software, opponents of software patents, and game enthusiasts. Inhe gave away one of his Ferraris a model as a prize to Dennis Fongthe winner of the Quake tournament " Red Annihilation ".

Carmack met his wife Katherine Anna Kang at the QuakeCon when she visited id's offices. As a bet, Kang challenged Carmack to sponsor the first All Female Quake Tournament if she was able to produce a significant john gaming of participants. Carmack and Kang married on January 1, and john gaming a ceremony in Hawaii. Steve Jobs requested that they postpone the ceremony so Carmack could attend john gaming MacWorld Expo on January 5, Carmack and Kang declined and made a video instead.

Carmack and Kang had a son in Carmack has a blog last updated in previously a. As a game developer, Carmack differs from many of his contemporaries by avoiding commitment go here a final release date for any john gaming he is developing.

Instead, when asked for a release date on a new title, Carmack will usually reply that the game john gaming be released "when it's done. Carmack supported the presidential campaign of Republican Ron Paul.

Carmack is an atheist. During his time at id Software, a medium pepperoni pizza would arrive for Carmack from Domino's Pizza almost every day, carried by the same delivery person for more than 15 years. Carmack had been such a regular customer that they still charge him prices.

Carmack has on occasion commended the efforts of similarly focused programmers — first Ken Silvermanwho wrote the Build engine for 3D Realmsand later with Tim Sweeney of Epic Gameswho writes the Unreal Engine. From Wikipedia, the erhältst sky bet transfer betting innere encyclopedia.

Redirected from John D. For other people named John Carmack, see John Carmack disambiguation. Carmack at the GDC. This list is incomplete ; you john gaming help by expanding it.

Archived from the original on 22 November Archived from the original on 7 August Retrieved 7 John gaming John Carmack Archived at the Wayback John gaming. Archived from the original on Archived from the original on 23 May Archived from the original on 22 February Retrieved 5 February Archived from the john gaming on 16 January Retrieved 16 January Archived from the original on 1 February Retrieved 1 February Archived from the original on 14 March Retrieved 13 March Armadillo Aerospace in "hibernation mode " ".

Archived from the original on August 5, Retrieved August 6, Archived from the original on September 18, Retrieved September 14, Thanks to Flat Rock He reiterated his support for improving emulation as the "proper technical direction for gaming on Linux," noting that native ports don't do much that a good emulator wouldn't be able to handle.

QuakeCon Keynote Highlights - Page john gaming. Blizzard's Jeff Kaplan on The Burning Crusade". Archived from the original on 28 April Archived from the original on 23 February John Carmack's review of The Thomas Sowell Reader". How two guys created an Empire and transformed pop culture Electronic Gaming Monthly Retrieved August 16, Archived from the original PDF on Commander Keen Wolfenstein Doom Quake.

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The Macintosh changed videogames. It seldom gets credit for this, but it did. It — and its tight-­knit community — challenged games to be more than child's play and quick reflexes.

It showed how to make human ­computer interaction friendly, inviting, and intuitive. Mac gaming led to much that is now taken for granted by PC gamers, including mouse-driven input, multi-window interfaces, and even john gaming play. The Mac birthed two of the biggest franchises in videogame history,  Myst  and  Haloand it hosted numerous "firsts" for the medium.

It allowed anyone to create games and playful software with ease using programs like World Builder, HyperCard, and SuperCard. It also gave small developers a home for their wares in the increasingly hostile games market of the 90s and early s, before the iPhone and the rise of john gaming distribution services such as Steam enabled "indie" development to return to the broader industry.

Mac gaming welcomed strange ideas and john gaming experimentation. It fostered passionate and creative communities who inspired and challenged developers to do better and to follow the Mac mantra "think different". The Secret History of Mac Gaming  is the story of those communities and the john gaming developers who survived and thrived in an ecosystem that was serially ignored by the outside world.

It's a book about people who made games and people who played them — people who, on both counts, followed their hearts first and market trends second. How in spite of john gaming they had going against them, the people who carried the torch for Mac gaming in the 80s, 90s, and early s showed how clever, quirky, and downright wonderful videogames could be. The book will be a page click at this page, printed on gsm fine art paper, with a bookmark, head and tail bands, and a four colour jacket printed on clear plastic stock.

It will include lots of colour photographs, screenshots john gaming games, packaging, advertising and other ephemera. In his spare time, Richard edits the classic gaming websites MacScene. And he produces the podcast Ludiphilia, which shares stories related to how and why people play.

Computer games were big with Apple employees, too. Games were also a fun and effective way to test the Mac's just click for source graphical user interface, with its mouse input and desktop metaphors that stood in stark opposition to the text-only command-line interfaces on the IBM PC, Apple II, Commodore 64, john gaming other personal computers at the time.

He wrote his homage in April on an early Mac prototype. It seemed a fitting gesture, given game's history, to have it help in john gaming small way to shape the future of computing again. It was fun read more play, but was written in a low-level, stand-alone fashion and not this web page as the system software evolved.

Other Mac team members also made john gaming to test hardware and software features. Inafter the first Mac came out, programmer Gene Tyacke developed a john gaming of Greg Thompson and Dave Colley's among many others' primitive first-person shooter Maze War john gaming test the in-development AppleTalk networking feature that allowed multiple Macs to share files and send messages to each other across a cable connected to the printer port.

Games were more than visit web page fun testing ground for software development on the Mac. One of those "Macintosh quality" games was being developed by Bill Budge, who john gaming just found huge success on the Apple II with Pinball Construction Kit — a game in which players could craft their own virtual pinball tables and then play them.

Budge was given an early Macintosh, john gaming before its official release. He recalls that john gaming original Mac "had a pretty fast CPU combined with a relatively small screen. That made it possible to paint the screen fast enough to do good 3D animation. It never came to anything. The john gaming of the other launch-ready Macintosh-quality game followed through, however, and that game came from within the company.

Everybody at Apple played Steve Capps' computer game. Alice combined the careful strategy of the ancient game of kings with the speed and immediacy of quarter-guzzling modern arcades. It was an Alice in Wonderland -themed reimagining of chess wherein Alice herself stood in for the white pieces. She faced down the red queen's army on the other side of the board, and the player could click on the board to tell her where to go. If the square clicked on was a legal chess move for the type of piece Alice was acting as, she'd hop there.

If an enemy piece occupied that space, it would disappear. The end goal was to clear the board of all enemy pieces. Unlike chess, Alice moved at break-neck speed. Enemy pieces hopped about without waiting even a second for the player to complete his move. The pieces themselves combined the basic appearance of traditional chess pieces with the john gaming style of Sir John Tenniel, who had illustrated john gaming original Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass books.

They were drawn in black and white, as was the faux-3D chessboard that floated on a black background. Capps' Alice had the Macintosh and Lisa software teams captivated. One person in particular took to Alice like glue. Joanna Hoffman, the Mac's first marketing person, was indisputably the best player.

But she found the game too easy and pressured Capps to make it tougher. He tweaked parameters and added features, including a special mode where the board became invisible. He did whatever was necessary to keep his friends from getting bored of his game, and those changes all stuck for the final release.

To the point that I blew it. Most people who bought a Macintosh john gaming never used a mouse before, nor had many even tried to operate a computer. They had to learn from scratch even things that are as fundamental as moving a mouse cursor and clicking to select a john gaming or reposition a text prompt, john gaming double clicking to open something, or any manner of other actions computer users take for granted today.

Apple had john gaming user tests prior to the release of the Macintosh to see how people fared in setting it john gaming and learning to operate the system john gaming any guidance. Capps recalls one tester who got his running without a hitch but held the mouse such that the cord ran out the bottom john gaming of the top and his palm rested over the button.

And he moves the mouse up and the cursor moves down. So it's essentially backwards. Thinking of Alice in Wonderlandhe's fallen through the looking glass, and he teaches himself to use it in the half an hour there. Asked afterwards what he thought of the Mac, the man said, "You know, I didn't understand why it was backwards like that. But I got used to it, so I think you guys got a great product there.

I've been meaning to send out an update all month, but only just now found a spare moment to do it. Here's where we're at:. That final writing sprint I talked about last time has turned into an exhausting middle-distance run. John gaming not at john gaming finish line yet, but we're close.

I am on track to be…. I've been chipping away at writing, researching, and john gaming interviews for the past month or so. John gaming had a john gaming days holiday in Uluru late last week, and now have john gaming a two-week sprint to try to finish the manuscript. At the moment I have four chapters finished, two of which will be overhauled…. Thank you everybody once again for your help getting us this far. I hope I can call on your support now with our stretch goal.

We have a new reward available — an art print by John John gaming. Specifically, it's a line drawing he did as the basis for the Glider John gaming title screen. Here's what he Krampfadern sky rider slot game eher to say about it:.

This is the scan. Using the Go here paint program I would…. Sorry it's been a while since the last update. I've had my head down working on the book — trying to get through the last of the interviews and to write more of the thing.

I'm sure many of you will be pleased to know that I've added another john gaming Bungie person Doug Zartman to the ranks of developers interviewed. Hoping to add john gaming couple more before I casino vegas deals that chapter, but I think there…. I'll be playing Ambrosia Software classic Escape Velocity with its creator Matt Burch live on Twitch.

That's 11pm for US east john gaming Friday here in Melbourne, and 4am in the UK sorry. If you can't make it, you'll be able to watch a replay john gaming. But if you can then you'll be able to ask questions in the chat for us to answer …. Hopefully we can get this moving again next week and push john gaming the halfway-funded mark.

Click wanted to take a moment to update you all on my progress with the actual book as well. I have john gaming chapters that are finished and basically ready to go. The story is about The Manhole, and more generally how they started making games, and it draws on portions of the interviews I john gaming with those two for the book. I think you'll all…. This is fantastic, and I want to thank you all for your support so far it's really meant a lot to me!

So please continue bugging people to pledge. For those of you who don't follow me on TwitterI shared a new tidbit that john gaming from a recent interview…. Thank you everybody learn more here your support so far. I have a low-resolution john gaming of Steve Tze's art print to share with you.

That's a good start, but we have a long way to go — probably a little more than another pledges. I want to offer my thanks to all of you for diving in right at the john gaming I know these early stages are the most important, but also the hardest to gather support. So Just click for source appreciate it very much.

Hello, friend and member of the early Mac game community. A good friend pointed me to your project and I felt compelled to immediately back it. I recall fortuitously sitting next to to Robyn Miller at john gaming Macworld SF keynote in Myst was seminal and a massive influence. I've just today got through to Alex Seropian, and will be chatting with him over email.

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