Gran casino film

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Gran casino film

After the mysterious disappearance of an oil well owner, one of his workers, Gerardo assumes the business management. Soon, the owner's sister arrives from Argentina, and, believing that Gran casino film killed her brother to keep the wells for himself, she starts working as a singer under a false name in the same casino her brother disappeared, in order to find out what exactly happened.

Gran casino film Negrete Libertad Lamarque Meche Barba Agustín Isunza Julio Villarreal José Baviera Alfonso Bedoya Francisco Jambrina Fernande Albany Charles Rooner Bertha Lehar Trío Calaveras Link Ahuet Emilio Garibay Stephen Berne José Muñoz Ignacio Peón María Valdealde.

Gran Casino marks the fourth film of gran casino film slow-moving Luis Bunuel marathon. It seems quite appropriate that after a gap in my viewing, this should be the next film gran casino film my list. My gap may only have been a couple of gran casino film, but Bunuel's gap in film-making was far greater. Leaving a space of gran casino film years between his previous film "Land Without Bread", Gran Casino was the first of several Mexican films directed by the Spanish master, and marked a significant transition in his work.

Bunuel got his foot in the door of the Mexican film industry with this commercial, musical melodrama you heard meafter fifteen years in the wilderness mainly producing and editing commercial and propaganda films in Spain, France and the U. As such, there are very few of Bunuel's obsessions and motifs in Gran Casino. It's a straight forward star vehicle for Jorge Negrete and Libertad Lamarque, which deals with corruption in the Mexican oil fields and it features a lovely trio of singing cowboys that appear from nowhere and please click for source Negrete whenever he breaks into song which he does, on several occasions.

Whilst the plot might be rather soapy, this is also where Bunuel really learns the ropes of directing…. Buñuel makes a romantic adventure musical? Gran casino film I had to see.

Along the way they sing and die and in one case, fall in love. While there is one great scene where gran casino film breaks as Varizen 365 bet football result today den man is killed this is not his best work. Bunuel's return to directing after 15 year gap following his early classics Un Chien Andalou, L'age d'or and Las Gran casino film. It's a workmanlike mystery-musical involving a pair of down'n'out laborers, one of whom has a nice set of pipes for belting out music hall tunes, who get embroiled in a dispute between the owner of a small struggling oil field and the casino owner trying to shut it down.

Still, Gran Casino offers its share of entertaining moments during the musical numbers annoyingly, the subtitles disappear whenever…. After watching every Buñuel film I came back to this one, and wow, my initial reaction really was h casino kind to it.

Perhaps I was in a better mood the first time around, but this time the formulaic nature of the film really took a toll on me, probably because I knew that Buñuel would be making better films starting with his very next feature. The music was good, but I got sick of the action stopping constantly to shoehorn a song in. Il primo film messicano learn more here Buñuel è un ibrido tra dramma e musical, ambientato in un contesto sociale in cui emerge netta la contrapposizione tra i ricchi gran casino film e i poveri diseredati.

I frequenti numeri canori alleggeriscono molto il tono e pure le scelte stilistiche del regista smorzano i momenti di puro romanticismo, come nella sequenza in cui i protagonisti stanno per baciarsi - stacco - un bastone rovista in una pozza di melma. Nel complesso però non ci sono guizzi in una storia abbastanza prevedibile, pur se avvolta in una gran casino film misteriosa.

Okay, actually there's a lot, but this is a decent film all-around. The opening number is particularly cute, with the protagonist singing in order to drown out casino ruhl spectacle sound of his partner sawing through the bars on their jail cell's window. Most of the rest of the songs are performed on a stage at the casino's saloon. All are more or less diverting, one performance incorporating flashlights to puzzling effect. I should note that the DVD I watched didn't include subtitles for the lyrics, so I might have missed something.

The plot is more political than the typical Hollywood musical, with workers gran casino film off the depredations of oil tycoons. So it's far from anonymous, but Buñuel seems, for the moment at least, to have put surrealism behind him. Kinda wowed by the tracking shot of the song and dance number as it made its way through the night club. This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

La primera película que hizo Buñuel en México, luego de haber perdido su trabajo en MGM después que su 'amigo' Dalí le mandara una carta a los directivos de ese estudio y lo gran casino film por comunistaes probablemente su película más 'comercial', porque no escapa a ninguno de gran casino film parámetros que ya para ese momento eran característicos de lo que ahora conocemos como la Edad de Oro del Cine Mexicano.

Independientemente de que luego sus películas hechas en México tuvieran indudablemente su firma personal. En esta película sin embargo hay varios elementos que revelan la del Sr.

Ingmar Bergman said "Buñuel nearly always made Buñuel films. I never ever thought I would see a Western gran casino film directed by Luis Buñuel, but alas, here it is. It is like a schmaltzy, studio-produced, Hollywood movie, and not a particularly good one either. I mean it's perfectly pleasant but not that interesting. It's pretty light on plot and pretty heavy on singing.

It seems like Luis just made this one for the paycheck. Would anyone watch this gran casino film it wasn't directed by Gran casino film Bunuel? I very much doubt so. As someone who decided to watch Bunuel's work from the beginning after having seen the brilliant film 'Belle de Jour', I was left extremely disappointed.

The story is gran casino film bland, there is none of the creativity that you'd expect, furthermore, the acting isn't anything home gran casino film write either. There's overly long singing segments which I guess are to show off the talents of the famed Argentinian singer Libertad Lamarque and Jorge Negret gran casino film popular Mexican singer.

As I can't see much other purpose to fill this movie with several singing performances gran casino film seemingly went on forever. From my understanding Bunuel wished he could remove this picture from his filmography and I don't blame him. I strongly recommend against watching this unless you're some sort of Bunuel historian.

Eyesore Cinema 2, films 12 4 Edit. JC 50 films 41 Edit. Made by fans in Auckland, New Zealand. Film data from TMDb. Remember me Reset password. Gran Casino Directed by Luis See more Gran casino film After the mysterious disappearance of an oil well owner, one of his workers, Gerardo assumes the business management.

Cast Crew Details Genres Cast Jorge Negrete Libertad Lamarque Meche Barba Agustín Isunza Julio Villarreal José Baviera Alfonso Bedoya Francisco Jambrina Fernande Albany Charles Rooner Bertha Lehar Trío Calaveras Julio Ahuet Emilio Garibay Stephen Berne Gran casino film Muñoz Ignacio Peón María Valdealde.

Studio Películas Anahuac S. Genres drama comedy music. Gran Casino, although being entertaining…. Do yourself a favour and begin from 'Los olvidados' rather than this.

Available for Rent Eyesore Cinema 2, films 12 4 Edit. Movies available for rent casino fr our retail location Bloor St W. We have a lot of films…. Vulture's Best Foreign-Language Musicals JC 50 films 41 Edit.

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