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Part 1 August 13, Casino hanley series is going to deal with the following: Coca-Cola's reputed spy apparatus inside casino hanley enemy's camp casino hanley an important unpublicized blockbuster court case against the soda pop monster.

Malignant if not casino hanley influence on the Courts. Coca-Cola as "Big Brother" and the Echelon worldwide spy machine. From the beginning, Coca-Cola always had a trace of cocaine. Early in the 20 th Century it became part of a now forgotten prosecution of the soda bubble water drink. Over the years, doctors treating casino hanley ailments quietly used a mixture containing Coca-Cola syrup base.

Casino hanley course, NOT used by doctors, who knew the score, was the base for Pepsi-Cola, Royal Go here Casino hanley, or casino hanley that matter, any of the other fizz drinks.

Savvy sorts, casino hanley they ran short of Drano, knew to pour Coca-Cola down their home source. The acids in Coke cleared the plumbing almost as good as the high-priced hardware store stuff. Nutritionists raised their eyebrows. What does Coca-Cola do to the human plumbing? Coke advertised with scenes of sports stars, speed boat enthusiasts, and such. To give the impression that Coke adds casino hanley a vibrant, healthy life.

Yet Coke rightfully cannot make any nutrition claims. At least that is what their critics swear by and swear at. Hey, how come Drano and other pipe-uncloggers, do not also advertise with speed boat pictures, casino hanley stars, and such? Some years ago, I interviewed on tape, a top official of the firm that makes the secret Coca-Cola base.

That is Stepan Chemical, headquartered in the north suburb of Chicago, Northfield, and with plants elsewhere. They are the largest importer in the western world of coca leaves, used for Coke's base. A by-product, as admitted by the Stepan boss, is cocaine sold by them to the pharmaceutical industry.

Does any of it also slip by as contraband? In the s, some alternative journalists began heckling cocaine-linked Stepan Chemical. He said he was casino hanley of the criticism of Stepan regarding cocaine.

Casino hanley could not go casino de it too far, he said, because of reasons of "national security".

Or did he really mean, "Stepan security"? The bosses of Stepan have always been close to the Daley family that since the mids, with just a short hiatus, runs Chicago's city hall machine. Early on in their continue reading, The Coca-Cola Company assisted the U.

When the company set up bottling plants and distribution facilities in a new country, sent in were spy operatives. The place to hang their hat was the offices and plants, worldwide, of the much ballyhooed drink.

The cocaine trace made it addictive. So did the sugar content, according to some nutritionist. Senate subcommittee hearings casino hanley Iran-Contra late in the ,s, the CIA-Coca-Cola link was dealt with. In Nicaragua, for example, with CIA, when the Senate subcommittee asked, where with local offices of The Coca-Cola Company.

By the end of the 20 th Century, Coke bought about a billion dollars a year in advertisements in the monopoly press, even more when you add up their so-called "independent" subsidiaries. Coke reportedly uses worldwide, mafia-type schlimmer play slot machines free online sind to assure distribution and wreck competitors.

Such as making soda pop competitors' refrigerator units in stores to over-night, disappear. In some places it is the traditional Sicilian and Italian mafia. In other places, former Soviet Secret Police agents the KGB, like in the U.

Elsewhere used reportedly are the numerous Japanese underworld, the Yakuza. Feeding on lush revenue casino hanley Coke ads, the press whores are not casino hanley to run news items or documentaries pointing out the reportedly close link between The Coca-Cola Company, covert operations of the American CIA, and the criminal cartel. A key player, reportedly combining covert operations and the soda pop, was Roberto Goizueta.

A Cuban, he started casino hanley the firm at their Havana offices in From to about the time of his death inGoizueta was at the helm of the spy-pop witches brew, operating in most every place on the globe.

Through stock options he became a billionaire. Goizueta's father casino hanley a Cuban sugar plantation dictator. Cuba was the major source of cane sugar used in the cola drink.

Because of the ferment for change, needed was a new casino hanley man in Cuba. Batista, and the mafia, and the wealthy criminal families sucking the sugar blood out of Cuba, had overplayed their hand. So the American CIA, with the casino hanley of their reputed Atlanta-based adjunct, The Coca-Cola Company, installed their darling, Fidel Castroa popular hero.

When, like Frankenstein's monster, he turned against his creators, they plotted to overthrow Castro and assassinate him. It was and it was called the Bay of Pigs operation. The Coca-Cola Company and other old-time imperial firms having an entrenched interest to casino hanley Cuba as a puppet colony, participated with CIA.

Aiding them was Claire Boothe Lucewife of the boss of the Time-Life Casino hanley empire. With the American CIA actually since, through his espionage front, Zapata Petroleum, was George Herbert Walker Bush. He aided as well the aborted mission. One casino hanley the attempted invasion vessels was named after Bush's operations.

Out of casino hanley government office was Richard Milhous Nixon. Inhe was the overlord for the planned invasion. Blamed casino hanley the aborted invasion planned actually by President Eisenhower, President John F.

Kennedy said as a punishment, he would scatter the CIA to the wind. CIA boss Allen Dulles, sacked by JFK, called him a "traitor".

Some say the JFK threats against CIA led to go here plot to assassinate him. Some would simplify this story by pointing to Coke trying to change over greatly to a diet cola, as a way of breaking loose of filling the void once supplied by Cuban cane sugar, against which there was a U. By the end of the 20 casino hanley Century, the major player in supplying the chemical sweeteners for non-Diet Coke, was Archer-Daniels-Midland.

At the time of Watergate, the head of ADM was to have been prosecuted for secret participation in Nixon's covert operations slush fund. Dwayne Andreas was too useful to the American CIA for them to allow him to be jailed. Like The Coca-Cola Company in the past, byADM casino hanley an interest in putting their claws on Cuba. Through foreign subsidiaries, ADM had big investments in operating food refineries in Cuba, to exploit their agriculture abundance. ADM was the principal player for the faked propaganda bombardment and orchestrated event, to open up Cuba and drop just click for source U.

It was called the Elian Casino hanley affair. Only one lesser known publication dared spell out the ADM-Cuba-Elian Gonzalez link. In the spring ofunder a headline "How Did ADM Pull This Off? Where does it get its power?

The article went on to casino hanley ADM. It has tremendous influence on politicians AND THE MEDIA. Kommt norges beste casino ist, the Elian Gonzalez affair was just a smoke screen. ADM sponsors many of the mass media's TV talk shows as well as PBS's "Jim Lehrer News Hour". The story of ADM and The Coca-Cola Company and a corrupt Chicago Federal Judge will casino hanley in a later part casino hanley this series.

A major player in The Coca-Cola Company has continue reading Warren Buffet. If you are naive and believe in fairy tales, then you believe he made his great fortune through crafty operation starting with a department store in Omaha. To heckle him, some of his critics pronounce his name, French-style, phonetically Buffay.

Buffet became a sind play slots online no download Damen owner of Coke stock and held a position on their Casino hanley of Directors. Few, if any, dare even whisper that Buffet's fortune is reportedly based on operating companies that are money laundries and propaganda horns casino hanley the American CIA. The list would have to include CIA such as the Wells Fargo Bank, helping CIA's Pacific basin operations, and the CIA-apologist, The Washington Post Company.

Read, if you can find it, Deborah Davis' book, "Katherine the Great" about the Washington Casino hanley and the CIA. To understand Casino hanley Buffet, who mouths off his wonders at universities training so-called would-be business starsyou would have to be a profound investigator, from mostly secret sources, on the worldwide dope trafficking by the American CIA.

Click here you are knowledgeable on casino hanley, then, and only then, do you understand the financial buffoon, Warren Buffet. Is it a mere coincidence that his purported nephew, Jimmy Buffet, and his rock concerts seem to be part of making dope use fashionable?

His band, The Corral Reefers, is a word play for narcotics. At his concerts, there is reportedly massive trafficking and use of dope. And the local corrupted police have the badge of the three monkeys.

Some had misgivings about another purported relative of Warren Buffet, the once popular Art Bell, the middle-of-the-night talk show host. Bell was casino hanley on hundreds of major wattage radio stations in major markets, never known to broadcast the truth about casino hanley Federal Reserve, or political assassinations, and a lot of other suppressed topics.

With his reputed casino hanley intelligence agency background, was Bell's program just some more psychological warfare operations?

In crude terms, was casino hanley just mindf - k? Late in the 20 th Century, a strange series of events started targeting The Coca-Cola Company. Various European governments and the Casino hanley Union began attacking Coke.

Casino hanley

For one of the ultimate nights out in Stoke on Casino hanley visit Genting Club Stoke. The Casino has been nominated as a finalist in the Best UK Cardroom category by The Official World Poker Tour Magazine!

The opening times are 6pm until 2am. The tastecard discount is available on the a la carte menu only cannot be used on the Sunday Lunch menu. The tastecard discount is not available on notable casino hanley e. Based casino hanley feedback from our members we have decided to implement a review facility on the tastecard website. This is a great casino hanley for you to share your experiences, both good and bad, with other members.

Please familiarise yourselves with the casino hanley rules for placing reviews:. For further information please email reviews tastecard. This is a great opportunity for members to share their experiences, both good and bad, with other members. We believe that this is also a fantastic opportunity for our restaurants to assess feedback, and if necessary make improvements and take feedback on-board.

Casino hanley, if members wished to review a restaurant they were likely to visit another website to do so. This may have meant that the reviews were less accessible to yourselves, as restaurateurs, and thus you casino hanley have been less likely to act upon the review, be it good or bad.

By offering the review service on our site we believe that restaurants will benefit from having feedback from read more members in one place.

Casino yellowhead poker you object to a review on our site, we will remove it. However, our research has indicated that members are far more likely to visit a restaurant if there are a number of balanced reviews than if all reviews are sanal casino. Please bear this in mind when reading the reviews; if a restaurant only has great reviews then our members are far less likely to trust the reviews and thus are likely to dine elsewhere.

For clarification on any of the above please email restaurantteam tastecard. You are using an outdated version casino hanley Internet Explorer that has security issues and does not support global web standards. To ensure you have a casino hanley read more experience online we recommend you upgrade to the latest version of Internet ExplorerGoogle ChromeFirefoxSafari or Opera.

Keep me signed in Uncheck if using a shared computer. Sign in with Facebook. Sign in with Google. Restaurants by hotel Apex Best Western Britannia Campanile Crowne Plaza Hilton Holiday Inn Jurys Macdonald Marriott Mercure Novotel Park Inn Radisson Ramada Thistle. Important note for reviewers Based upon feedback from our members we have decided to implement a review facility on casino hanley tastecard website.

Please familiarise yourselves with the below rules for placing reviews: Whilst we will not modify your review, we will monitor all reviews. As tastecard is a co-operative with our restaurants, if a restaurant objects to a review we will remove it.

Whilst this gives the casino hanley the opportunity to remove any negative reviews, we will make it casino hanley clear to them that a balance of reviews will be casino hanley upon and trusted more by our members and likely lead to more bookings for the restaurants. It is a fine balancing act between publishing as many reviews as possible and losing popular restaurants as a result of negative reviews.

Current or past employees or evo gaming associated or related to employees of an establishment listed on our site are not allowed to post reviews Please refrain from using personally insulting language, attempting click to see more smear campaign or posting content that casino hanley irrelevant and unhelpful to other members Questions or comments directed to or about tastecard staff or other tastecard members will not be posted Commercial e-mail addresses casino hanley contact visit web page are not allowed in reviews, nor is promotional material of any kind For further information please email reviews tastecard.

Rhian said "Best meal for ages! Food and service were both great. Main course of steak and steak burger were both delicious Main course of steak and steak burger were both delicious. Puddings were also nice. Would definitely recommend it! Ease of tastecard use. Please enter all the fields marked in red.

Name Email address Contact telephone no. Sign up to our casino hanley Receive the latest offers and updates. Registered in England, Taste Marketing Limited, Birkby Grange, 85 Birkby Hall Road, Birkby, Huddersfield, HD2 2XB.

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