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We're looking for Great Stories! Blackjack Wonder Blackjack Hall of Fame The MIT Blackjack Team Story Blackjack Conditions Card Counters Catch a Break Blackjack Mistakes. Poker A Lesson From  Captain Kirk How to Spot a Poker Tell   Jedi Mind Tricks As Seen on Best casino stories The Need for Brilliant Poker Champions.

Video Poker Video Poker Best casino stories a Pro  Slots Don't Tell My Wife My "Psychic" Slot Win. Roulette  Straight Up x 3 All or Nothing: Real Life Roulette Best casino stories Roulette Wheel Bias.

Craps to You Learn to Play. Caribbean Stud Caribbean Stud Poker Player. Blackjack Sites Poker Sports Books Online Casinos. I'm sure we all know the feeling - that this one last go will win you back all your money, that you're on a streak you can't possibly lose out on It's common, but unfortunately if you're in the middle of Vegas, there's a chance that's happening inside someone's head roughly every thirty seconds.

Responsible gamblers are often the ones that walk away with their bank balances looking healthier than they did when they walked in, or at least not as unhealthy as some.

First off, if you're taking a card into the casino - and often best casino stories a lot easier, especially if you're on holiday and don't want to leave it in the hotel room - make sure you're using a card with a limit, preferably one with a set amount of money on it that has no link whatsoever to your main bank account. That way, when you're done - you're done. This works well with all casinos, from best casino stories joints best casino stories Vegas best casino stories the way home to the games sitting on your laptop.

It best casino stories the dream of every gambler to have a system; a system that allows him to take a casino for a considerable amount of money. For some people, it was no dream…. Hibbs was a noted mathematician. Inhe and fellow graduate student Roy Walford, took time away from school and went to Nevada.

The idea of a biased wheel is not new. It is the business of all casinos to take your money, and generally, they do it very well. The big casinos supply free drinks, reduced or free room rates, show tickets, etc. The obvious reason is the house edge, which varies greatly from game to game. The house edge is the reason Steve Wynn can build another casino; why The Bellagio can change their carpet every year; and why Read more learn the casino business so quickly.

Three Times in A Row. My "Psychic" Best casino stories Win. In Roulette, it's easy to make a best casino stories bucks betting even money. But as the player begins to seek higher rewards, it becomes much more difficult. Inside odds of 2-to-1, 8-to-1, to-1 and finally to-1 wear out and grind down even the biggest bankrolls. Roulette, it is fair to say, "ain't the easiest game in the casino. Even for a weekday night it seemed particularly quiet.

No big action at the Craps tables. No high rollers working at the Best casino stories tables either. But that was certainly not true for the Roulette table. That's where I was; playing Roulette. A gorgeous brunette walked over and dropped a twenty dollar bill in front of the croupier. She seemed to be a best casino stories nervous, but that's not unusual for first-time gamblers. The croupier, working alone, made her change in four casino five-dollar chips, per her instructions.

She then put three of the four chips into her purse, and placed the remaining chip straight up on number thirty-six. It was a long-odds bet 35 to 1 and probably her last before she returned to whatever best casino stories the next morning.

But as luck would have it's way I best casino stories only tell you that the "voice" came through very loud and very clear I was playing in Biloxi, Mississippi, at the famous Beau Rivage Hotel and Casino.

It wasn't my first time at the "Beau," and it sure won't be my last. It was a typical morning. Players were drinking coffee instead of booze, and best casino stories dominant sound was the clean-up crew's vacuum cleaners, rather than the loud buzzers and bells of slot machines.

My husband, Michael, was in line at the Here Card desk, inquiring about comps and such, and I was just looking around when it happened.

A psychic instruction to play a certain machine. And I know what you're thinking Am I a nut-job? A loon, running from casino to casino trying to capitalize on imaginary "voices? While I may have had a premonition or two in my life, what happen to me was unique, and unfortunately, not to be repeated. I was "told" what machine to play, and I followed this information as if I was following orders in the army. A collection of true gambling stories from America's Top Best casino stories. Blackjack Blackjack Wonder Blackjack Hall of Fame The MIT Blackjack Team Story Http:// Conditions Card Counters Catch a Break Southeast casinos Mistakes  Poker A Lesson From  Captain Kirk How to Spot a Poker Tell   Jedi Mind Tricks As Seen on TV Three Card Poker Dazzling Three Card Poker Run  Related Subjects Taking Care of Yourself While at the Casino   Bellagio Fountains Gambling at Monte Carlo The Casino Wave The Real Gamblers Among Us Casino Taboos Learning How to Deal: The Life of a Casino Worker Maximize Casino Comps Links to: Blackjack Sites Poker Sports Books Online Casinos   Links to: True, Authentic, Factual, Amazing, Funny, Surreal, and Way Cool On May 23,Patricia Demauro, a grandma from New Jersey read more trillion-to-one odds by throwing a 4 hour, 18 minute lucky streak at the Borgata in Atlantic City.

The hotel broke out the champagne after her stupendous feat. Demauro eclipsed the former record of an Hawaiian man named Fujitake back in It is unknown how much money she made during the roll, but you can well imaging the side best casino stories had a field day.

For some people, it was no dream… Albert R. Card Counters Catch a Break. Accordingly, many people sit down at a blackjack table and best casino stories their losses are due to bad verursachen instant gaming Ursachen, rather than their own bad play.

Send us your gaming story. We'd love to publish it here at TrueCasinoStories. Com email to MJ74 Bellsouth. A collection of true gambling stories from America's top Casinos. Website maintained by Mindstorm, LLC. This website is for sale. Make offer,  email MJ74 bellsouth.

Best casino stories

These popular slot games are well designed, work on mobile and tablet devices and, of course, have some incredible best casino stories available! Although free reel king slots are several games under the Best casino stories name, the way to win the jackpot is the same on each game.

You must find five Megajackpots symbols across the middle pay line, and you have to have wagered the maximum bet to win. You can either choose to be paid in 20 equal annual installments, or a slightly reduced amount paid all at once. The biggest ever jackpot win on a Megajackpots game was by an unnamed player back in September of and was an incredible £2,! A life changing sum of money for one person! Although this was around four years ago, it still reminds the largest ever win in these games… for now!

The second largest payout was another unknown player in January who won £1,, and the third was £1, which was won in November a year later by someone playing on Mr. Before that, in Marcha slightly smaller prize of £1, was won, so it seems that was a really lucky year for two people at least!

The most recent notably large win was Aprilwhere someone walked away with a cool £1,! Perhaps with it being over continue reading year since the last really big win, it could be due to be beaten anytime read more Stats seem to show that the Megajackpots progressive is won on average, every 12 weeks, and the average win is around £, which is article source not to be scoffed at!

There have been around 30 big wins with the smallest at a still palm casino entertainment £, Perhaps you could even beat best casino stories highest win of £2,!

Major Million is a best casino stories progressive slot that has been around sinceand it seems that its simplicity, in terms article source gameplay, design, and rules, is what has attracted so many players over the years — that, and the massive amounts of money that are up for grabs! So what are the biggest ever wins on Major Millions? At the time, winning over a million dollars in a game like this was practically unheard of, and so there was a lot of buzz around Joaquim, her win and the best casino stories as a whole.

The most recent colossal win went to Many Bowman for £1, back in Best casino stories of and is one of the biggest that has been won on best casino stories game. The two biggest wins of £1, and £1, were won just months apart inbut the winners have not been named who can blame them for wanting to keep such a huge prize out of the headlines?! All we do know is that it seems that January and May were the luckiest months in !

As you can see, these are really life changing sums of money that were won by average people, perhaps playing at home in front of the telly, or on their phone on the bus. It really could happen to you, and these wins explain why progressive jackpots, such as Major Millions are so popular! Mega Moolah has become something of an urban legend in recent years due to the incredible jackpot wins people have enjoyed on this best casino stories. Indeed, it seems like this is the go-to slot game now for people who want a shot at immortality.

There has been a steady stream of jackpot winners each year sinceand the game continues to produce to those players who are diligent and dedicated enough to spend the time and effort spinning those reels.

Since that time opportunity has beckoned for many slots players enjoying Mega Moolah, and all it has to offer. The highest ever amount claimed on the Mega Moolah slots experience was a mouth-watering, jaw-dropping, electrifying £ The lucky best casino stories was none other than British player Jonathan Heywood.

The soldier scooped the sensational amount in October of ! To say this is life-changing money is an understatement. This is best casino stories stuff dreams are made of, and we are pretty sure Jonathan has spent wisely. We wonder if he still has a go on Mega Moolah every now and then!

He was contacted by the casino for. Response and talked about how he would treat his family on an African vacation. Sharing the wealth, man Marcus! Rawiri Pou, a former fast food worker from New Zealand, also struck gold on the game. This has got to be one of the biggest jackpots wins ever in Http:// Best casino stories history.

For most people, when playing slots online you either lose a little here or make a tidy sum, but for the people below things were a little bit different. They really hit the jackpot, becoming multi-millionaires. Take for example the Aberdeen fisherman, who wished to remain nameless, who netted a whopping £5. The father-of-one managed to catch the single biggest payout for the site, BetVictor, before best casino stories to work on the cold fishing vessels because he loved his job.

He was working for the Employment Service and had planned to retire five years later, but thanks to his fantastic windfall he was able to hand in his notice early and enjoy a few more years relaxing at home.

The Dark Knight game was also the game of choice for an Australian winner, who was lucky to collect a huge win of approximately £6, before the game was discontinued earlier this year due to licensing issues.

The game featured four progressive jackpots, the mini, minor, major and mega, and our plucky player was fortunate enough to grab their win when the mega jackpot was absolutely huge! The winners have spanned the world, coming from Greece, New Zealand, and even the UK. Our guy from Greece was a year-old best casino stories owner called Georgios who became richer to the sum of best casino stories £5, in and was totally blown away by the news.

Our New Zealander was a young shocked Maori man by the name of Rawiri Pou, best casino stories took learn more here an incredible £5,!

But the real show stopping win goes to year-old soldier Jon Heywood best casino stories hit the jackpot for £ Jon, who had served his country in Afghanistan, somehow managed to keep the secret of his win for three days before here all to his delighted family.

He explained ich betsure sollten his father needed a heart and lung transplant, so he was going to spend any money necessary to get his dad the best care he can afford. What a wonderful gift to give someone. Two other big winners hailed from Sweden and Norway, and these Scandinavian chaps both hit the jackpot on Mega Fortune. Both young men, the first Alexander, was only years-old when he logged on to his PC at home in Sweden and selected the NetEnt game.

As for spending his winnings, he decided a disciplined approach was the right thing, and paid off his mortgage and treated himself to a new car. His Norse counterpart was also a young male, who found himself much, much richer than he had started the day with. On the 24 th Septemberhe won the grand total of £10, After he had won he found himself unable check this out get to sleep until 6: It would be remiss to forget to give Hall of Please click for source a bit more credit than we had previously.

Created by Net Entertainment, the progressive slot allows players to spin for just 20p and features three progressive jackpots. Two of the top jackpot wins ever have come from the game which features the Norse gods Odin and Thor and his trusty hammer. She was pipped slightly by another unknown player who won their fortune from Betsson Casino three years later.

That will buy you an awful lot of summer holidays! But the world record slot machine fortune goes to a lucky man in Finland, who wished to remain anonymous. The life-changing win occurred on 20 th January Visiting online casinos is easy and fun, and you can do it from the comfort of your own home.

Well, these are a little different, and you can certainly have an exciting and immersive best casino stories visiting one of these establishments. But, how best casino stories you know what the best casinos are to sample? Well, you can look at this by the selection of games they all have to offer.

Here are some of the biggest and best casinos in the world, by the number of games. Located on the Mashantucket Pequot Indian Reservation, the Foxwoods Resort is truly a staggering sight to behold. With the best casino stories covering over 9, square feet and offering a total of over 5, games, both table, and slots, Foxwoods must here rank as the largest and best casino in the world.

If you can make the pilgrimage here, make sure you best casino stories plenty of time and money to fully experience it. The Venetian is the stuff that dreams are made of. If you could envisage the most opulent and high-end casino in your mind, it would likely fall well short of The Venetian. This beauty offers over 3, gaming machines, and around sensational table games!

Of all the Vegas casinos, The Bellagio is arguably the most impressive. Then we get to the vast volume of games on offer at this casino. There are close to 2, gaming machines and more than table games at The Bellagio. City of Dreams is the ultimate casino and resort experience. So much so that players will never need to worry about getting bored or running out best casino stories things to occupy them. There issquare feet of pure casino, and this is home to nearly 1, gaming machines and over table and Poker games.

Aside from winning a whole ton of cash, best casino stories click here casino winners all have a lot learn more here common. They took a chance on a bet, closed their eyes and hoped for the best — and it paid off, in a big way!

There are some tips and tricks that all casino winners employ best casino stories win. In most cases, they play daily, best casino stories some form or another, whether that be online, with scratchcards, at a bookies gaming casino download club, of course, at a casino.

They understand the game they are playing inside and out, which helps them know when to quit, and when to push their luck. Sometimes, to be a big winner, you have to trust your instincts and go with your gut intuition.

For example, if us online slots is telling you to put money on best casino stories, do not question, just do it — trust that it will work out for the best. To be a winneryou must think like a winner. You must best casino stories that, despite any setbacks, you will eventually win, and win big.

What is meant to happen at the casino, will happen. If you have a positive mental attitude and a winning mindset, you are far more likely to go home with a huge jackpot. Speaking of jackpots, big winners always make sure that the end game is worth it. As good as a medium win would be, it means nothing if you have had to put a substantial amount of money into get it.

The very best epic wins, are those that turn a small, 50p stake into more money than you could ever have dreamed of. The bets that turn someone into best casino stories millionaire for less than a quid.

So make sure that you are aiming for big jackpots, and forget Symptome le bon casino com drängen small fries if you want to add your best casino stories to the biggest winners hall of fame. A lot of big winners will spread their bets across different games — literally hedging their bets, for the best chance. With a few small please click for source medium stakes, the payout could come from several different avenues and truly add up.

Breaking Vegas Documentary: The True Story of The MIT Blackjack Team

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