Douglas A. Poppa, Former Riviera Casino Worker, Fired For Reporting Rigged Game, Lawsuit Claims | HuffPost

The former security director of the Riviera Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas says he was fired for reporting that the casino rigged one of its slot machines.

Poppa is suing the Riviera for wrongful termination and whistleblower retaliation, Courthouse News reported Tuesday. Poppa's lawyer, Club gaming download L.

Nelson, told The Huffington Post on Tuesday that the case "falls are casino slot machines rigged under Nevada's whistleblowing are casino slot machines rigged. Poppa did the right thing and attempted to correct a wrong perpetrated by the Riviera against the public go here its customers," Nelson wrote in an email.

Poppa complained to the proper authorities and for that his career was abruptly and unlawfully ended. The Riviera noted it had yet to be served with the papers, but a representative for the hotel-casino said Poppa's claims were not true. In OctoberPoppa claimed in court papers, he learned that the hotel had manipulated the payout of the "Money Blast" slot machine so customers couldn't win the jackpot, Courthouse News wrote. He reported the alleged cheating to the Gaming Control Board in November and was suspended by the hotel-casino in December.

After receiving a warning by the Riviera to cease communication with the gaming board, he was fired in Januarythe report notes. Global Gaming Business Magazine described Money Blast as a "high-volatility slot" with a dynamite-mining theme.

The Riviera, built inis are casino slot machines rigged a renaissance under CEO Andy Choy, who took over in after the property emerged from bankruptcy, the Las Vegas Sun previously reported.

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It’s very common for people to state that slot machines are “rigged”. If your definition of “rigged” is that the casino is guaranteed to make money off of.

When I use Google to look for a definition of honesty, I see some of the link definitions listed:. I think most people are thinking of the are casino slot machines rigged definition when they ask whether slots games are honest. In this context, the answer is yes, slot machines are honest.

I think so, but they know in the long run, anyone who plays slots long enough are casino slot machines rigged lose all their money. Slot machines are closer to morally neutral than they to sinful, but you might have a different belief system about such things.

If you win, then you got lucky—it has nothing to do with working hard or being smart. The math grand falls south dakota the games is easier to understand than most people are casino slot machines rigged think.

The first concept to understand is basic probability. The probability of an event is always represented as a number between 0 and 1. An event that will always occur no matter what has a casino in manhattan york of 1. An event that will never occur has a probability of 0. An event that will occur half the time has a probability popular slots 0.

But probabilities are almost always expressed as percentages or fractions. You flip a coin. You take the number of ways an event can happen. Another way to express that is using odds, which can be useful when calculating whether a bet is expected to be learn more here profitable or not. In the six-sided die example, the odds of getting a 6 are 5 to 1. You have 5 ways of NOT rolling a 1, and only 1 way of rolling a 1.

You want to know the probability of getting a 1 or a 2 on a roll of a six-sided die. You roll 2 dice. You want to know the probability of getting a 6 on both dice. You win 4 coins once. You win 3 coins once. You win 1 coin once. They have more symbols on each reel, for one thing. For another, the probability of getting a particular symbol might be different from the probability of getting another symbol.

In the short run, anything can happen. In the long run, the numbers get closer to the theoretical probability. On an infinite number of spins, your average loss per spin will mirror the mathematical expectation. In fact, in well-regulated jurisdictions like Nevadagames are thoroughly audited for fairness.

But you have no way of knowing what the probability of winning that jackpot is. Slot machine games have opaque odds and probabilities. The results are generated by a computer program called a random number generator RNG. The only people who know the exact settings for that RNG are the designers and the casino managers. In fact, you could be playing two identical slot machines located right next click here each on the casino floor and have different odds of winning.

Having two games next to each other offering different odds is intentionally misleading. Online slot machines are no different, except that in some cases, these games HAVE been known to cheat.

But not reputable casinos and not reputable software providers. The reasons baffle me. You stand to make far more are casino slot machines rigged in the long run if you offer an honest game. You need to understand immediately that video poker games are NOT the same thing as slot machine games. And the philosophy behind these games is different, too. A video poker machine uses a random number generator that duplicates the odds found in a card deck of cards.

You know the probability of getting a specific symbol. A card are casino slot machines rigged a specific suit has a ¼ probability of appearing.

Knowing this enables mathematicians and computer programs to calculate the actual payback percentage for these games. Are casino slot machines rigged on a video poker game, you can calculate all the possibilities.

And since you know how much the game pays out for various combinations, you can add the expected value of each to get an overall payback percentage for the game. The payback percentages for video poker games are significantly higher than the payback percentages on are casino slot machines rigged machines in almost every case. Some rare games have pay tables which offer a slightly positive game for the player, like But those numbers assume perfect strategy on your part.

The payback percentage for this game is Most video poker players are as fast as slot machine players; they play hands per hour. Video poker offers other advantages over slots, too. One of these is the skill element. In video poker, you get to do that. The decisions you make playing each hand have a direct effect on your bottom line.

Yes, slot machines are honest—in a manner of speaking, anyway. Slots are no different in that respect. In most jurisdictions, cheating is blatantly illegal. Your email address will not be published. Home About Us Contact Us Privacy Policy Terms of Use Disclaimer Sitemap Get Help. Are Slot Machines Honest? Article source slot machines are programmed to have a mathematical edge over the player.

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